Photovoltaic Panels

Sustainable solar houses are the ideal we strive to achieve, and it all begins with a single solar panel, the first step in the process of increasing energetic efficiency.

Ideal for isolated constructions that do not have access to the national energy grid, solar panels play an essential role in the smart use of resources, and they are gaining ground on the Romanian market. More and more home and business owners have photovoltaic systems installed, since using solar energy in residential neighborhoods brings undeniable advantages.

  • Off Grid & On Grid Systems Installation
  • Planning & Support
  • PV Parks Maintenance
  • Repairs – the only repair cell in the EU
Unlimited support

Ask us a question or get specific information.

Endless Energy


Choose Darcom Group’s internationally vetted high-quality photovoltaic systems, made to last you a lifetime and more.

Dedicated Services

Our portfolio holds quality photovoltaic systems, while our team of experts ensure all potential repairs will be taken care of.


You can now produce more than you consume. Increase your energy efficiency level with our photovoltaic panels.

Added Value

Solar energy is bound to be one of the few sources of energy used din the future, at affordable prices. We can offer you this right now.

Putting the Sun to work

Energy efficiency

Look toward the future and opt for integrating solar energy in your everyday life through complete photovoltaic systems.

Timely repairs

We constantly offer support to our clients regarding all photovoltaic systems installed with us. We are the only repair cell in Europe.

Responsible energy

Lead the way for others and make your contribution in the race toward a better world! Choose Darcom Group’s solar energy systems.

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